Day thirteen: The Lonely Dog Gallery

I don’t mind admitting that I’m not much of a dog lover.  So, the weekend request to visit the Lonely Dog Gallery on Customs St was met with a steady degree of scepticism. But we went anyway, and as we wandered around the gallery, I was intrigued by this clever and quirky artwork, and was keen to learn more of the story behind the dogs. 

 Auckland’s Lonely Dog Gallery is the fourth to open in New Zealand and is the brain child of Queenstown artist Ivan Clarke.  Clarke’s first painting “Bon Voyage” was inspired by the look his dog gave him as he departed on holiday. The artwork is the story of an orphan hound growing up in the fictional world of Alveridge where dogs and cats live side by side. The story has been captured on paintings, bronze sculptures and sketches, all of which are for sale at the gallery. Clarke’s ability to capture light in the night scenes is quite special. The original works are fast becoming collectors’ pieces and the paintings for sale are almost exclusively prints of the originals.  Warner Brothers has recently acquired screen rights to the story, so you’ll be seeing the dogs on the big screen soon!

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