Day two hundred and twenty one: Cassia

imagesIf you are lucky enough to be dining out on a Tuesday night and you enter an establishment that is packed, you know you are onto a winner. Cassia fitted this bill on our recent visit. A relatively new addition to the Auckland restaurant scene, Cassia has been wowing patrons with its modern take on Indian cuisine. The restaurant is the brain child of Sid Sarawat, head chef at Sidart. As with numerous restaurants around the city the food is created to be shared. We started with a couple of Pani Puri nibbles, washed down with a Gin and Tonic. Cassia has six delicious Gins on offer, all paired with different tonic waters. There is also a good craft beer selection and wine list on offer. Food is king though – we especially loved the potato & cauliflower starter, Delhi duck with kumara and lychee main dish and the chocolate, cardamon, banana, and honeycomb dessert.

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